Finn: SOLO

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Finn is as laid back and relaxed as they come.

“I mean, I come from the south where everything is just relaxed and calm. I’m a bit of a home body, try not to take anything too seriously.”

Right off the bat we asked Finn if he had ever done anything sexual with another guy.

“I haven’t…but I have watched gay porn once or twice. It got me hard the first time and I was a little thrown off. I think it has something to do with seeing a dick that’s bigger than mine. I think that was the turn on.” 

I had to ask, “Do you think that you would ever hook up with a dude?”

“I mean maybe, why not? They would have to be smaller than me though. I like to be the stronger one. Really take charge.”

Finn also has a beautiful ass that we were able to get him to show off.

“Has anyone ever told you that you have a nice hole?” 

He giggled a bit, “Nope! You would be the first!”

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