Jeremy: SOLO

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Jeremy is a baseball jock and an all-around nice guy with one of the nicest butts we’ve seen in a while…and he didn’t hesitate showing it off along with his pitching skills.

I had to ask, “Are you a pitcher or a catcher?”

Jeremy laughed bashfully, “I’m a pitcher.”

“But you caught a few balls here or there”

“I can’t say I haven’t.” I’m not too sure we were talking about baseball anymore…

Back in the studio, he blew a nice load and went off to shower showing off that huge bubble butt of his again.

“Seriously though, I want to know, and everyone will probably be wanting to know…how do we get a butt like yours?

He smirked, “Umm, squats. Lots of squats”

“Do guys compliment that booty?

“Of course they do! I mean, who wouldn’t? Look at it! Straight or gay guys…I think the ass is appreciated by everybody.” He does have a point there.

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