Houston: Solo

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Houston is a gymnastics coach with a great body – what more can you ask for in a man?

“How do all these gymnasts have 8-pack abs?” I was curious.

“You work out 24/7. It’s all about that core because that’s what’s holding everything together and keeping things tight.” He smirked. I guess being a gymnast for most of his life really paid off!

On top of all that, Houston has been a Sean Cody fan for about 5 years. We asked him to tell us his favorite way to see a cumshot on our website and he didn’t even hesitate.

“I like to get busted on my face, I think it’s hot!” He laughed.

“I hope I get to film you again!” I got kind of excited and just threw that out there.

“You never know.”

See Houston’s entire scene by clicking HERE! 

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