Daniel and Tanner: Bareback

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When Daniel and Tanner met for the first time, it was as if they have both been longing for this moment for a long time. A match made in heaven!

“I’ve been waiting for this for a while!” Daniel looked eager as he touched his cock.

After some chit chat, they were finally ready to get started. Tanner took Daniel’s hand to lead him back inside the house, but Daniel pulled him back and kissed him intensely. He had a hunger in his eyes like an animal looking at his prey. We knew that this was going to be a great fuck…and it was!

He used Tanner’s bubble butt for his own personal pleasure, and Tanner took it with a smile and a crazy shower of cum right on his face!

“No one’s ever made me cum as much as Tanner did!” Daniel was extremely satisfied.

“It’s everywhere! That is a Tanner first…I have never had a facial like that!” He just laid there, content and covered in Daniel’s hot load.

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