Grayson: Solo

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Grayson is a soft-spoken, relaxed kind of guy who is actually a fan of SeanCody and has been watching for about 5 years now!

He’s very active in his daily life and it certainly shows!

“I love my body. I like taking care of it and making sure it looks good.”

Grayson definitely loves his body – understandably so – and even though his workout routine is intense, it clearly works for him…especially when his body flexes while he pleasures himself!

“I’m a little voyeuristic when it comes to my body and sex. I enjoy sex a lot, and I think it’s a very important thing in life and it’s a very important thing to me, so I just like to be able to show off a little bit.”

As he should! Don’t let his calm, disciplined demeanor fool you…he knows how to use that dick of his!

See Grayson’s by clicking HERE!!!

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